Creative Education

Hong Kong's leading preschool education brand.

We seek to create a learning environment that values children's diversified development and unlock their potentials.


Creative Education has been a strategic partner of Top Spring. By operating kindergartens in Hong Kong and Guangzhou it started its business in 1884. Dr Chiu Kwan-hung Angela, the founder of Creative Education who is among the first generation of outstanding educators in Hong Kong, has devoted her life to promoting quality early preschool education. The education group's first "activity teaching" kindergarten, founded by Dr. Angela Luk in Hong Kong, has gained immense popularity among parents. The textbooks for kindergarten children she compiled won the title of "Successful Curriculum" by Peking University Kindergarten. Dr Chiu Kwan-hung Angela also established the Childhood Development Research Center to promote the achievements of childhood development research and practice. With diverse courses adopted in its kindergartens, Creative Education becomes a model for early preschool education in Mainland and Macau.

2017 marked a new start for early preschool education in Hong Kong. The new management team systematically revised the teaching materials following the Curriculum Guidance for Kindergarten Education (2017) compiled by the Curriculum Development Council.

Educational Goals

  • To develop potential
  • To cultivate mind
  • To promote creativity
  • To nurture a loving heart

Education Philosophy

Gaming + Participation = Learning

We help children to build confidence in a joyful learning environment, spark their curiosity and develop the habit of active learning. We leverage music and art to inspire children's originality and creativity.

Education Features

We have compiled our own textbooks with careful consideration of children's development. Our courses are taught in Mandarin and English to create a bilingual learning environment. We have also launched a partnership program with the parents to custom design preschool education courses for their children.